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Practice Areas

Environmental Law

Christopher J. Neary has extensive experience defending California landowners accused of environmental-law violations. Often, environmental charges are the pretext used by community groups seeking to halt growth. These charges often come in a politic… Read More

Municipal Law

With decades of experience representing water districts and other public agencies, Christopher J. Neary provides highly respected counsel to municipalities throughout Northern California. Public agencies often face layers of regulation from state and… Read More

Water Law

California’s complicated, ever-changing water laws pose a challenge to public agencies, real estate developers and private landowners. Christopher J. Neary offers decades of experience in water law, in jurisdictions throughout Northern Californ… Read More

Real Estate Law

Christopher J. Neary has been a vigorous defender of commercial property rights since the very beginning of his practice, back in 1976. Mr. Neary’s proven experience in assisting landowners means clients get informed, straightforward advice and… Read More

Business/Commercial Law

Christopher J. Neary provides legal representation in business and commercial transactions and litigation. His professional services provide individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses with the legal tools they need to advance their endeavors and adeq… Read More