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Firm Overview

Christopher J. Neary's practice serves individuals, businesses and municipalities throughout Northern California. His legal experience lies in four primary areas: real estate law, municipal law, water law, and environmental law. In addition, he serves as general counsel to a range of business and commercial clients.

Mr. Neary has successfully represented clients in both civil proceedings and in court. He is also a sought-after legal consultant in his field. Several of his clients have retained his services for decades, a privilege Mr. Neary has earned through his diligent commitment to meeting his clients' needs.

Having grown up on his family's cattle ranch, which he now operates, Mr. Neary feels a personal connection to the land and environmental issues that form the heart of his practice. A man of principle, Mr. Neary does not accept cases that violate his personal environmental ethics.

Mr. Neary has the expertise to separate the legal issues from the politics that so often surround environmental claims. When environmental laws are used as a pretext to prevent property owners from making full use of their land, Mr. Neary defends their rights.

Representative clients:

  • Brooktrails Township Community Services District
  • Blue Rock Ranches, Inc.
  • Covelo Community Services District
  • Don Pedro Ranch
  • Harwood Investments
  • Mendocino Construction Services
  • Mendo Mill & Lumber Co.
  • Millview County Water District
  • North Coast Railroad Authority
  • Northern Aggregates, Inc.
  • Willits Financial, Inc.
  • Wylatti Resource Management

To learn more about how Christopher J. Neary helps his clients, contact his Northern California office.